Bakers go crackers in week 2 of Great British Bake Off

Last week the heat turned up in the Great British Bake Off kitchen and everyone, not least the recently departed Enwezor, went slightly crackers over the series of biscuit based challenges.

Starting with savoury recipes, naval Norman impressed with his simple but perfect Penny Farthing crackers, whilst Iain’s flavour combinations overwhelmed. After a turbulent first week, it’s no surprise that he was one of the week’s worst bakers, I’ll be surprised if he isn’t the next baker to leave.

Meanwhile, Kate continued to struggle with her textures, after dry cakes in week 1, her apple and cheese crackers were too moist.

Nancy whipped out yet another bespoke baking tool – if she were to leave the competition tonight I think her and hubby should start up their own line of baking essentials.

Burlesque Baker Great British Bake Off 2014

The shining star – literally star baker, of the competition in week 2 was builder Richard, who nailed the Florentine technical challenge and put his bricky background to good use when constructing his 3-D pirate themed biscuit scene. Despite Diana’s many years of WI baking experience failing her early on, she got back on the train track with her steam engine scene and demonstrated a range of biscuit making techniques. Whilst Diana’s traditional techniques started to come into their own, young Martha, with her mind like a super absorbent Victoria Sponge, showed real innovation and flair with her savoury sandwich biscuits.

Sadly, I confess I slacked on my Great British Bake Off bake along challenge last week, but I’ve been getting lots of inspiration for new bakes, so stay tuned for those over the coming months.

Tonight’s Great British Bake Off is all about bread.  Hmmm, I’m still haunted by the loaf I made last year – something tells me I’ll be giving the bake along a miss this week ;)

The Burly Baker x