The Burly Biker?

Guess what…. I only went and bought a motorcycle!
Ok, well a 125cc which is the smallest bike you can learn on, but if you even so much as dare refer to it as “just a small one” I will slap you, all be it with handfuls of glitter and cream.
What on earth would possess someone to buy a motorbike when they can’t even drive a car?, you’re thinking. Well it gets even more nuts – I haven’t even got my L-plates yet!
For the last 3 months I’ve been working on a marketing contract for Harley-Davidson (more on that in a blog coming soon) and just a few weeks in, I was addicted to the brand and booked in to complete by Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) to get my L-plates. Supposedly suitable for a complete novice, I snuck out of the house to take the training (telling my folks was a total no-no for fear they’d have a heart attack), determined that within a year I’d be walking into a dealership and walking out with the keys to my first Harley. A couple of hours into the CBT though, and it was obvious that I wasn’t even going to make it out of the car park, so I gave up and walked home thinking hey ho, I gave it a go, and fessed all to the folks, accepting of the fact that it wasn’t for me and I should just put the idea to bed. Ironically it was my dad, the world’s worst passenger who said I shouldn’t be so quick to give up, and suggested I try getting a fixer upper to get some off road practice and build my confidence first.

Jenni Fleur Silver, the Burly Baker becomes the Burly Biker

My baby – Vixen!

After reeling from the initial shock that I’d tried a CBT, you can imagine how stunned my boss was when a few weeks later I announced I’d just bought myself a bike that I couldn’t even take out on the road yet, but like the rest of the Harley family he was really supportive and has been quick to remind me that riding, especially riding comfortably is HARD! Working in an environment where so many other women are also learning to ride has been invaluable and I think most of us who’ve never even so much as sat on a bike before taking a CBT agree that it’s not quite as novice friendly as it’s cracked up to be! Listening to the inspirational stories of other riders at work has also helped me put things into perspective – you can fail your test half a dozen times, start learning at 50, fall off and get back on – the dream is in reach and even when you get your licence, you’re learning new things every day.
Far from being a fixer upper, my little beauty of a bike is actually pretty awesome – she’s a Lexmoto cruiser called Vixen (a name which seems appropriate for a burly girl, although I wonder if I should give her a proper one?)

Burlesque Bakery, Bettie Page, Harley-Davidson

If I ever manage to get my licence, I’m going to re-create this Bettie Page pic!

Whether or not I end up pursuing getting a motorcycle licence I don’t know – having not had a go on the bike yet, there’s still a pretty good chance I could end up hating it and selling the bike, or best case scenario maybe I will get a licence – but given it’s taken me 10 years and counting to get my driving licence, it’s highly likely I’ll be straddling a Zimmer frame by then, not a Harley, but we’ll see. For now, I’m looking forward to the start of what is quite literally going to be an exciting journey, and see where it takes me.

Here’s hoping this Burly Baker becomes a Burly Biker. 

Time to stop dreaming, and start riding!

The Burly Baker x