Flamingo Friday!

So a couple of weeks ago on a whim, I snapped a shot in Biarritz of some flamingos which I posted on Twitter with the hashtag #flamingofriday… when it hit me, why the hell isn’t there a Flamingo Friday?!

Flamingos, The Burly Baker, Burlesque Bakery, Wheels and Waves

Flamingos strutting their stuff at Wheels and Waves, Biarritz

Well I’m starting one. Like a lot of you retro darlings and pin ups out there, I’m somewhat obsessed with flamingos. Now I’m not quite sure how they came to be such a rockabilly icon but lucky for us the fashion industry had decided to jump on the bandwagon – this summer you can’t swing a flamingo shaped croquet mallet for hitting one.

So, as you’ve probably guessed, Flamingo Fridays will be celebrated with a weekly blog post with a flamingo themed snap – and I invite you to share your pics with me too on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #flamingofriday – let’s get it trending people!

Join me next time my feathered friends.

The Burly Baker x