Jenni Fleur Silver’s Diary – Resolutions, Really?

Ok that was a bit misleading, I’m not starting a diary – although I guess you could argue a blog can be a diary. Mainly I was just stumped for an interesting title to talk about new year resolutions that didn’t involve ‘new year resolutions’, and suddenly found myself thinking about turkey curry buffets, running around naked in other peoples swimming pools and making blue soup – I’ve resolved to do all of these in 2015!

The Burly Baker New Year Resolutions

You’ll be relieved to know I’m not about to start rambling on Bridget Jones style about my new year resolutions, or looking back at the ones I achieved in 2014 – quite simply I didn’t make any, and in 2015 I have only one.

To learn.

Yeah, ok that sounds really lame and preachy, but there are so many awesome things out there I want to learn – to tap dance, ride my motorcycle, the art of mixology, to save money ahem…

And there’s also some cool stuff I’ve had a stab at that I really want to develop and improve my skills in, like pole dancing, dress making and passing my god damn driving test!

Let 2015 be a year of learning!

Happy New Year

The Burly Baker x